Prof. Xiao-bin Li

Professor, School of Metallurgy and Environment, Central South University, China

Prof. Li is the academic head of the Alkaline Process Metallurgy Research Center at Central South University, China. His research interests include the theory and technique of alkaline process metallurgy, crystallization process, interface properties, and comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection.

Li has been researching on alumina refinery since 1983 and made stellar achievements. He published approximately 200 scientific refereed papers , held nearly 50 Chinese invention patents, and accomplished more than 80 research projects. Moreover, several innovative technologies such as the sandy alumina production and oxalate removal from Bayer liquor have been successfully applied in alumina refineries, several others including red mud discharge reduction and intensified seeded precipitation are on the way of commercialization. Additionally, based on the long-term research on alumina refinery, Li creatively proposed a metallurgical symmetric principle comprising orientated regulations of mineral transformation and mineralogical phase reconstruction, and successively developed cleaner processes for producing sodium dichromate, ammonium paratungstate and ammonium molybdates in recent years.

Recognized for his exceptional work, Prof. Li has been honored with numerous awards including two National Awards, several provincial scientific awards, Chinese Patent Gold Medal, and Science and Technology Cooperation Award by Chalco.