The Gladstone Region – unique, unforgettable and truly special. With such contrasting features of industry, nature and the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef; the Region creates an unlikely, exciting and interesting destination.

The Region is home to a thriving 21st Century industrial base served by one of Australia’s busiest ports, the Port of Gladstone. A major industrial cluster, where economic competitiveness is balanced with steadily improving environmental performance, Gladstone’s development potential is underpinned by the 22,000 hectare Gladstone State Development Area, which offers a range of development-ready sites, established infrastructure and growing possibilities for economic development to drive the region’s sustainable growth.

The city of Gladstone is developed on hills overlooking the focal point of its economic development - the natural deepwater harbour. This dynamic, modern city basks in a sub-tropical climate with islands, waterways and beaches providing year-round boating, fishing, swimming and surfing. At the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, Gladstone offers access to Heron Island, Wilson Island and uninhabited coral cays. A large charter boat fleet operates from the world class Marina.

A wide variety of restaurants and eateries cater to all tastes - from Australian tucker to Gladstone's famous mud crab and fresh seafood. All types of accommodation are available including four-star properties, comfortable and affordable motels and caravan parks.

Gladstone's Tondoon Botanic Gardens are one of Australia's few totally native botanic gardens. The display areas specialise in the plants of the surrounding and Tropical North Queensland regions. The Gladstone Entertainment Centre, at the heart of the 'Library Square', forms the focal point of the city's cultural activities. The Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum is a colonial Georgian structure which houses three exhibition areas and hosts the Region's annual Rio Tinto Martin Hanson Art Awards which draws entrants from all over Queensland.

The Gladstone Region

From the giants of Industry to the Southern Great Barrier Reef and all in between, the Region has something to offer any resident or visitor. Whether it be both natural or man-made there is a great deal on offer for everyone, something to keep you busy.

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